Product FAQ's

Do Weighted Evolution Blankets Have a Removable Cover?

Yes! Our bamboo duvet is removable and allows for quick washing while protecting the inner blanket from dirt and stains. It is extremely soft and smooth and even has antibacterial benefits, keeping it odor free and hypoallergenic while being eco-friendly and kind to the earth.

How is the Weighted Evolution blanket cooler than others?

Why is the Weighted Evolution Blanket Thinner Than Other Weighted Blankets?

How Do You Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Do Weighted Blankets Work for Autism?

What are Weighted Blankets Used For?

Are Glass Beads in a Weighted Blanket Safe?

How Heavy Should My Weighted Blanket Be?

Do Weighted Blankets Help with Anxiety?

Do Weighted Blankets Help You Sleep?

Do Weighted Blankets Work for Restless Leg Syndrome?

Can You Use a Weighted Blanket While Pregnant?

Return & Exchange FAQ's

What is Your Return Policy?

I made a return, but when can I expect my refund?

Shipping FAQ's

What is Your Shipping Policy?

General FAQ's

What is Weighted Evolution?

What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

How do Weighted Blankets Work?

Why Choose Weighted Evolution Blankets?

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