Weighted Evolution is an eco-friendly, premium weighted blanket brand out of Maui, Hi. We are family owned and operated. Our inner weighted blanket was specifically engineered to maximize deep pressure stimulation allowing our customers to relax into a deep state of peace and comfort. Through meticulous engineering, we have crafted a thin weighted blanket that doesn't overheat and increases body contouring allowing the blanket to truly stimulate the users pressure points while staying cool and relaxed for year round use.

Made with chemical free materials and non-toxic glass beads certified by Oeko-tex 100. You can feel confident you are promoting clean and safe products.


With a broad range of sizes and colors to choose from, you can count on higher conversion rates.


We are offering a 15% commission with 30 day cookies for affiliates interested in working with us. We are also willing to negotiate if you have a strong program and aligned mission. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or a proposal in mind.

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Or feel free to reach out to us at: Collaborations@weightedevolution.com