Here’s What You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets and Pregnancy

Jan 04, 20
Here’s What You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets and Pregnancy

Infographic showing a fetus surrounded by medication, immunization needle, pacifier, and gender symbol. This infographic is next to a woman lying on her side ona. bed, cradling her pregnanct belly.

One of the most common questions women ask us is, “Are weighted blankets safe to use while pregnant?”
Our answer: a resounding YES!
As a matter of fact, there are several benefits to using a weighted blanket during pregnancy, especially one as comfortable and cooling as ours. (Hello...pregnancy hormone hot-flashes? They are no match for Weighted Evolution blankets.)

So Many Benefits to Weighted Blankets During Pregnancy, So Little Time

While women get roughly nine short (ehem….it doesn’t feel short) months to experience the benefits of weighted blankets during their pregnancy, they sure do get some good ones. But here’s the thing - weighted blankets are the gift that keeps on giving well past pregnancy. All these benefits keep on giving after they bring their little munchkin into the world.


Weighted Blankets Lower Anxiety and Stress During Pregnancy

Let’s be real here. Pregnancy is stressful. Not only on the woman’s physical body but also on her psyche. Thanks to the internet, pregnant women are bombarded with information and horror stories about what could go wrong throughout their pregnancy with information overload.
It takes a toll on the hormone-enhanced mind.

“What if my baby isn’t born healthy?”

“Which prenatal vitamin is best?”

“How do I know if I’ll be a good mom?”

“Can I really do this birthing thing?”

“Do I want an epidural or not?”

“What if I never lose the baby weight?”

“I can’t afford a $2000 baby seat! Is my kid going to be safe?”

“How am I going to afford college for this child?”

"OMG - Is my cat going to eat my baby?” (The answer is NO.)

Image of woman with cat waiting for her relaxing therapeutic gravity blanket
Have no fear, mamas. Weighted blankets can help calm your nerves. The extra weight of a weighted blanket eases anxiety and discomfort at any stage of life but is especially helpful during pregnancy. Many weighted blanket testimonials claim weighted blankets help pregnant women become calmer and minimize pregnancy anxieties and stress.



Image of swollen pregnant stomach next to a weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets Help Reduce Pregnancy Swelling

Pregnancy swelling is NO FUN. The more that baby grows, the more swelling pregnant women experience. Hands, ankles, feet, face, ELBOWS??? Everything seems to swell.

And it ain’t so swell.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body produces 50% more blood and bodily fluids than usual, mainly throughout months five through nine (or ten?). So, it’s another significant part of the third trimester.

Enter the wonderful, magical weighted blanket.

Regular exposure to a weighted blanket’s pressure helps reduce inflammation and swelling on the feet, legs, and hands of pregnant women. (And the average Joe and Jane.)

Now THAT is swell. (Sorry.)

Sleep Better During Pregnancy With a Weighted Blanket

Image of woman sleeping without a weighted blanket


Sleeping during pregnancy prepares you for sleepless nights with newborns - or so some think. In other words, it’s elusive.

 And why shouldn’t it be? While pregnant, a woman’s body is taken over by a sweet and undoubtedly perfect little human who kicks and squirms at ungodly hours. Not to mention, it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable with that growing pregnant belly tempting gravity if she tries to lie on her side. We won’t even mention the neverending trips to the bathroom.

This is all perfectly normal.


Since weighted blankets deliver a calming feeling of relaxation, there is a better chance of uninterrupted sleep. While not guaranteed, any length of sleep is better than tossing and slowly turning over - perhaps with the help of a partner?

Stay Cool With While Sleeping With a Weighted Blanket

Oh, pregnancy hormones. They aren’t very fun for many reasons, one of them being that they can cause you to get uncomfortably hot while sleeping. Everyone knows being uncomfortable while trying to catch some Z’s is magnificently UN-fun. Still, when you add in the irritation of being hugely (feeling anyway) pregnant and uncomfortable overall from time to time, it can make for a pretty cranky lady.

Dialing down the temperature gauge is another reason why specific weighted blankets are excellent for women during pregnancy.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all weighted blankets are created equal.

Unlike other weighted blankets that overly warm you while you sleep, causing excessive heat and irritation, our cooling weighted blankets actually help regulate your body temperature, especially during the summer season. The cooling blanket’s breathable materials pull body heat and moisture away from the body to minimize overheating.

Our cooling weighted blankets also have a removable cover to help them become even more cooling and breathable.

Some so-called “cooling weighted blankets” are made of 100% cotton, so BEWARE. Cotton tends to absorb moisture, causing you to feel hot and sticky. Instead, look for cooling weighted blankets with a microfiber inner blanket for maxim wicking and temperature regulation and a lightweight, breathable cover. (Hint, hint, shameless plug here.)

100% Natural Pregnancy Discomfort Relief

Pregnancy comes with a deluge of decisions a woman has to make. In today’s day and age, women have tons of information at their fingertips on natural remedies for pregnancy discomfort.
Another excellent benefit of weighted blankets during pregnancy is the fact that they are 100% all-natural. Pregnant women get all the benefits without any toxic chemicals or harmful side effects.

Pregnancy discomfort can sometimes make women so desperate, they turn to prescription relief, which could come with a side of guilt and worry about the unborn baby. With weighted blankets, pregnancy discomfort and anxiety can easily and naturally be quelled without any regret.

Release More Happy Hormone With Weighted Blankets

Woman holding a little boy on her lap with a weighted blanket wrapped around them.

Seratonin is your body’s “happy hormone,” and obviously, everyone wants some more of THAT.

Well, we know how to tap the well of wonderful serotonin.

Weighted blankets promote Deep Pressure Stimulation therapy (or DPS) by applying gentle pressure to the body. (Preggo or not.)

DPS increases the body’s serotonin production, causing more happy, relaxed feelings, as well as additional Melatonin to help you sleep better.

DPS also provides joy-inducing tactile sensory feedback

resembling hugging, cuddling, and a comforting touch. (Hey, here’s another shameless plug for our sensory weighted blanket!)

With the help of a high-quality weighted blanket, pregnant women can reap the benefits of DPS to feel more:

  • Calm
  • Soothed
  • Rested
  • Happy
  • De-stressed

And you know what?

All of those impressive bullet points apply to EVERYONE using a weighted blanket. But we’re focusing on all you hard-working, self-sacrificing pregnant gals out there. Seriously. You are our heroes. And you deserve to be happy, stress-free, and comfy.

Pregnancy + Weighted Blankets = a Win-Win

Pregnancy is no walk in the park. Sometimes you feel on top of the world, and other times you just want to crawl into bed (with a weighted blanket?) and cry. With the help of a high-quality weighted blanket, pregnant women worldwide can weather the storms of pregnancy a little easier.
Weighted blankets can help deter negative feelings from morning sickness, bloating, less sleep, and hormonal imbalances.
What’s not to like, right?
If you’re pregnant or are thinking of giving the wonderful gift of a weighted blanket to a pregnant partner or friend, consult with their doctor for the best weight for their body. And what’s even better about the gift of a weighted blanket? It still keeps on giving all of the above benefits postpartum and into the future!

What a swell idea. (We had to - just one lat time.)

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Sizing Chart for Weighted Blankets

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