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benefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy

January 04, 2020 4 min read

Weighted blankets are not your typical blankets: Most of them are made of cotton fabric and filled with multiple insulating layers as well as some form of plastic beads/ pellets which provide the weight. When searching for a Weighted Blanket it’s good to look for a premium brand that uses Bamboo and Microfiber fabrics in combination to provide the optimal experience and comfort. These blankets provide a hugging feeling initiated from Deep Pressure Stimulation, which ranges from 8 to 25 pounds.
One of the most common questions women are asking today is: “are weighted blankets too heavy for a pregnant woman?”
The answer is a resounding no. When deciding on the perfect weighted blanket, It’s important that the blanket be at least 10% of your total body weight, plus or minus 1-2 lbs, to get the full benefits. It is very important to cross reference the weighted blanket sizing charts to make sure you are selecting the right size for your body weight.

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If you are looking for a prescription-free way to deal with your pregnancy anxiety, nausea, and problematic sleeping, weighted blankets are the ideal natural therapy for you. Listed below are some importantweighted blanket facts explaining the benefits. This is important information to know before investing in one for yourself.
Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS)
Weighted blankets promote Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) therapy. DPS is when gentle pressure is applied to the body through the use of Weighted Blanket products which increases the production of serotonin – a body chemical that helps in relaxation and Melatonin-a body chemical that makes you feel sleepy. Deep pressure stimulation generally provides tactile sensory feedback in the form of hugging, cuddling, and comforting touch. The overall benefits of DPS include: calming, soothing, deeper more restful sleep, increased happiness, better mental clarity, minimize stress and anxiety, and improve ability to deal with stressful situations. These blankets are truly life changing
Lowers anxiety and stress
Due to the increase in hormones level and the fear of the unknown; mothers tend to be anxious about a lot of things concerning pregnancy. Anxiety is the constant feeling of fear, nervousness, and worry about the baby’s health, safety, and future. The extra weight of a 20 lb weighted blanket also serves as a therapeutic way to ease anxiety and discomfort during pregnancy. A lot of weighted blanket testimonials claimed that it helped them stay calm and minimized their pregnancy anxieties and stress.
Helps minimize pregnancy swelling
Swelling is one of the expected changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Due to the new baby growing inside you, your body produces 50% more blood and body fluids than usual. It usually occurs during the 5th month up to the last month of the third trimester. Aside from eating foods that are rich in potassium, a weighted blanket may also help reduce pregnancy swelling. Regular exposure to weighted blanket’s pressure helps reduce inflammation and swelling on the feet, legs, and hands.
Provides better sleep
Difficulty in sleeping is typically a common problem during pregnancy. As mentioned above, the difficulty in sleeping can be associated with an uncomfortable sleeping position, unlimited night trips to the bathroom, heartburn, shortness of breath, and stress. With the comforting help of a weighted blanket, New moms can now achieve a better quality of sleep, naturally. Since it provides a relaxing feeling; there is a low chance of interrupted sleep.
Cooling weighted blanket
During pregnancy, women experience increased body heat due to hormonal changes. This is also the reason why some pregnant women tend to get easily irritated because of the uneasy feeling from their body temperature. Unfortunately, most weighted blankets are overly warm by design and can cause sweating and excessive heat.Thankfully, there is a new style called cooling weighted blankets which are specifically designed with a cooling effect, that helps regulate body temperature, especially during the summer season. These blankets are made with breathable materials that pull body heat and moisture away from your body to help minimize getting all sweaty throughout the night. Premium cooling weighted blankets even have the option to remove the covers to maximize this cooling effect. Be cautious when looking for a cooling blanket that is made of 100% cotton because cotton tends to absorb moisture and make you feel hot and sticky. Look for premium bamboo materials for the cover and a high quality microfiber inner blanket for maximum wicking and temperature regulation.. This type of cooling weighted blanket is perfect for giving pregnant women a relaxing feeling while minimizing the discomfort of excessive sweating.
100% Natural Relief
While being Pregnant you naturally become more cautious when it comes to your food choices other things that will come in contact with your body. It is extra important to be more cautious when it comes to toxic chemicals of any kind, which may affect the development of your baby. Weighted blankets are a perfect natural alternative to help in relaxation compared to taking prescription drugs which can cause side effects to your unborn child.


Overall, pregnancy is like a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you are at your best and other times you are not feeling the greatest. You can quickly shift from having that excellent baby glow to the uncomfortable part of morning sickness, bloating, and hormonal imbalances. No one said it would be easy and there is no easy way to get through the life-changing months of creating a human life inside you. Thankfully, many women are now reporting amazing results with weighted blankets. Sometimes, all a pregnant woman needs is a tight hug to sooth all her emotions. The comforting hugging sensation that can be enjoyed with a premium quality weighted blanket is a great natural option to have. With the help of your doctor, a weighted blanket can be an excellent tool in making you have a joyful and more comfortable pregnancy. With the numerous benefits to your mind and body during pregnancy, a weighted blanket can also help you in our post-pregnancy recovery. If this article has peaked your interest in weighted blankets please visit us to find out more about our unique Ultra-Premium Weighted Blankets and how they can positively affect your life especially during pregnancy. Weighted Evolution weighted blankets combine premium fabrics with proprietary design features that promise to deliver the Ultimate weighted blanket experience.
Sizing Chart for Weighted Blankets

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