H1-Doing The Right Thing Just Feels Good! Weighted Blanket Mission and the Non Profits we support

Hi~ Im Jeremy the CoFounder of Weighted Evolution.

For the last decade i've been working in the mental health field doing my best to help people that struggle with mental and addiction disorders.

We believe through regular contributions of blankets and proceeds, we can assist well established non profits in their efforts to help those that need it the most. Our mission from the start has been to pay it forward by donating 5% of proceeds to these organizations, but we hope as our company grows we will be able to increase it from 5-10%. We also donate 100's of weighted blankets to special needs centers which is made possible by you. So THANK YOU!


Jeremy G. & The Weighted Evolution Team

P.S. check out the foundations below and if you are interested in being on our donor list, please reach out. Wish you all the best!





FTR was founded by Ian Acker in January of 2015 out of Salt Lake City, UT. Started as a nonchalant meetup at the park, for people in recovery from addiction, to connect and get fit together. Now a thriving organization with an incredible fitness space where those struggling from addiction can connect everyday through fitness, creative expression, nutrition and service to others.

Check them out: here






NAMI is doing amazing work through a vast network of educators on mental illness. The focus of this organization is to educate, advocate, listen and lead. They have 500 local affiliates that educate those affected by mental illness. They also have a hotline for those in need of immediate assistance. We love that they focus so tenaciously on bringing awareness to the public about mental illness and that its nothing to be ashamed of. They are breaking the stigma and we love that.

Check them out: here




TWLOHA IS an incredible organization that inspires many people struggling with mental illness and addiction dependence. They invest directly into treatment for those in need. To date they have donated over 2.4 million dollars in funding for treatment. Access to care for those in need is ever challenging so we need foundations like this to assist others in accessing treatment.

Check them out: here




The National Autism Association is an amazing non-profit that focuses on many initiatives including advocacy at the legislative level, community outreach programs for education and they provide tools to families and schools in all 50 states. Their education programs span across families, first responders and service professionals throughout the U.S.

Check them out: here



AFSP is all about bringing awareness to mental illness and through community "Out of the Darkness" walking events, they bring people together to share personal battles with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation amongst many other very common mental illnesses. This organization also provides support for those that are struggling with thoughts of suicide and depression. We love the work they are doing and it only takes a minute to look around your close network to understand how many people are truly affected by major depression and possible suicidal ideation.

Check them out: here



Through story telling events and brave people sharing their personal journeys with mental illness, this organization is breaking the stigma of mental disease and giving those who suffer a platform to share the experience and hope of climbing out of the darkness. Shows and events are held in cities across the U.S and Australia.


Check them out: here