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We're on a mission.

Our three founders, Jeremy Golesh, Danielle Golesh and Tyler Bradfield have a passion for helping others. Their serendipitous meeting in 2017 led to the creation of Weighted Evolution, a weighted blanket company like none other. Both Jeremy and Tyler knew that they wanted Weighted Evolution to be different. Not just in their business practices, (socially and environmentally responsible) but in their product offering. They wanted to offer a weighted blanket that would fix all of the problems most others on the market had, and so they did. Like our name says, we are constantly evolving our business and our products. Each blanket is responsibly sourced, using only the best, non-toxic materials. We’ve also hit all the marks in terms of breathability, comfort, construction, and cooling.

The Weighted Evolution Difference
Where Relaxation meets Sustainability

Created with the good stuff, our baby-soft Bamboo fabrics blend the ideal amount of bamboo fibers and ethically sourced spandex with thoughtful design so you can sleep soundly and wake refreshed. It’s softer on the skin, cleaner, and more cooling than cotton. Best of all, it uses much less water to grow and produce. Combined with a high-performance proprietary Inner Weighted blanket design, it is a match made in heaven for the optimal sleeping experience

1 Year Warranty
Temperature Regulated
No Harmful Chemicals
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