How Weighted Blankets Can Benefit Children With Anxiety

Dec 22, 20
How Weighted Blankets Can Benefit Children With Anxiety

When weighted blankets were first introduced, they were used to help children with autism and kids with sleeping issues. Because they help children calm down through Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), they’re now widely used as a treatment for children with anxiety.

DPS delivers a comfortable amount of pressure that causes your body to release serotonin and melatonin. These two naturally occurring hormones calm nerves and reduce anxiety. They also help reduce cortisol levels, helping children to feel less stressed. When you choose a weighted blanket that is the correct size and weight, it can be an effective way to help children with anxiety fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

How to Spot Anxiety in Children

There are several different types of anxiety in children, and it may be difficult to spot. When thinking about your child, consider the following possible anxiety types to determine if they may have an issue that a weighted blanket can help.

  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD): Kids with GAD tend to worry more about everything and worry more often. They may worry about going to birthday parties, playdates with friends, or being in a crowd. They may also worry about the safety of their loved ones, the future, weather, and illnesses. In essence, kids with this type of anxiety disorder worry about almost everything and have worry on their mind most of the time.
  • Social Anxiety: Children with social anxiety have a major fear of social situations. They tend to become anxious and self-conscious around other people for fear of judgement.
  • Separation Anxiety: This type of anxiety in children causes them to become extremely anxious when they are separated from their caregivers or parents.
Black and white photo of a little girl resting her head in her hands looking anxious.

Your child might have separation anxiety if they refuse to go on playdates, go to camp, when you’d like to leave them with a trusted babysitter. Children with separation anxiety worry that something awful might happen to their loved ones while they are apart.

  • Phobias: Some children may have phobias about specific things. These things can be anything from thunderstorms to bugs.

Possible Causes for Anxiety in Children

  • Genetics: Ah, genetics. They can be great for us, and also not-so-great. If your child has a family member or two with an anxiety disorder, unfortunately, they are also predisposed to anxiety.
  • Learned Behaviors: This is where you need to check yourself before you wreck your child. If they see you being anxious and fearful all the time, your child is likely to learn that very same behavior.
  • Brain Wiring: The way your child’s brain is wired can determine whether they have anxiety. If the neurotransmitters in your child’s brain are wired in such a way that limits certain brain chemicals to calm them down or think rationally, they may be predisposed to having anxiety.

Life Circumstances: Just like you, your kiddos have to deal with whatever life hands them. The difficult and stressful situations they hav eto deal with may lead to anxiety.

How Weighted Blankets Help Children With Anxiety

As stated earlier, weighted blankets deliver DPS. This helps release your child’s calming and sleep-inducing hormones. Kids with anxiety often have trouble falling asleep for the very same reasons adults with anxiety issues do.

Their minds are constantly going. They may be worrying about the day,the next day, or the monster under the bed. (Okay, maybe adults don’t worry about that - or maybe they do?). Maybe they worry about something happening to their loved ones while they sleep, and so on.

Children with anxiety can use a weighted blanket to help calm their nerves and settle their mind a little, thanks to the hormones DPS induce. And weighted blankets can be used as a treatment for anxiety in kids at times other than bedtime.

Maybe you see your child becoming upset and anxious about the thought of an upcoming birthday party or event with lots of people. You could have them wrap themselves in a high-quality weighted blanket and watch a show or listen to some soothing music to help calm their nerves. Or, since weighted blankets are absolutely portable, you could have them bring it with them on the car ride to said event.

Infographic of a little boy with his hands on his head looking anxious. It's says,

Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket for Your Child is Crucial

Of course, your child isn’t as strong as you are. (Well, unless you’re dainty or your child resembles the Hulk.) So you have to make sure you choose the correct size and weight of weighted blanket for them.

The recommended weighted blanket for your child with anxiety should be equal to about 10% of their body weight. It should also be small enough that they won’t get tangled up in it. They should be able to move with ease underneath their weighted blanket and throw it off of their body easily. If they can’t, it’s too heavy.

Here is a chart for your reference:

It’s also recommended you only use weighted blankets on children ages two years and up.

*It’s a good idea to consult your child’s doctor before using a weighted blanket.

Children With Anxiety and Adults Alike Can Feel Better With Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are a great treatment for children with anxiety and for you as well! Even if you don’t have “anxiety” per se, weighted blankets can help both your and your child fall asleep faster and stay in wonderfully-restoring, deep N3 sleep longer.

With the world the way it is, helping to reduce anxiety in kids and yourself is easy with weighted blankets. But it’s essential to buy the right weighted blanket for you and your child. Make sure it’s:

  • The right size and weight
  • Breathable
  • Cooling (too hot = bad sleep)
  • Made of quality materials
  • Constructed well

If you are looking for a weighted blanket that hits all the above points, then you’ve come to the right place. Weighted Evolution blankets are like no others on the market today. The materials, construction, and breathability are unmatched.

Infographic showing a folded weighted blanket and its benefits.

What are you waiting for? Help reduce your child’s anxiety with the best weighted blanket on the market. And why not pick one up for yourself while you’re at it?

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