How are the Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Made

Feb 16, 19
How are the Best Weighted Blankets for Adults Made

You have probably heard of the numerous weighted blanket benefits and now are looking for the best-weighted blankets for adults. In order to be able to assess the quality of a weighted blanket, you need to know a little bit about it. Read further to find out what to look for when buying the best-weighted blankets for adults.

What Is In a Weighted Blanket?

This is one of the questions everybody asks, but there is no common answer. A weighted blanket fillings can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. In truth, a heavy blanket can have glass beads, plastic pellets, rice, millet or even lead inside. Naturally, you should always avoid the weighted blanket with lead inside as it can be very harmful.

Of all these materials, however, the best-weighted blankets for adults have hypoallergenic, non-toxic glass beads. The glass beads help distribute the weight evenly and, depending on the manufacturer’s technology, they have certain beneficial energetic properties that better promote calming and energy balancing.

An insulating layer is also used in all weighted blankets and our weighted blanket has been strategically designed to have the ideal amount of insulation for the best heating and cooling properties. Each of our weighted blankets is designed to maximize body contouring for ideal deep pressure touch stimulation and maximum heat dissipation due to its intelligent filling.

The Inner Weighted Blanket & Its Duvet

The next important factor in designing a great weighted blanket is having a high-quality duvet cover. And while some weighted blankets do not come with a duvet, the best-weighted blankets for adults come with a high-quality duvet. This allows you to easily wash the duvet separate from the inner weighted portion to keep the inner blanket clean and lasting for a very long time.

At Weighted Evolution, each of our heavy weighted blankets comes with a 100% natural organic bamboo duvet. It’s hypoallergenic, antifungal, antibacterial, and has this amazing benefit of keeping you warm during winter but also cool in the summertime. It's also super comfortable and cozy!

A Heavy Blanket’s Stitching Technology

You may find this a little surprising, but the stitching technology is also very important when choosing a high-quality heavy weighted blanket. The main purpose of a weighted blanket is to provide deep pressure stimulation. However, low-quality stitching patterns can cause the weight to migrate from its intended pockets and become distributed unevenly which greatly reduces the blanket’s efficiency.

Weighted Evolution uses integrated diamond pocket stitching technology to lock in the weight evenly so that you can fully experience all the benefits of the blanket.

Best Weighted Blankets for Adults

If you are looking for the best-weighted blankets for adults, you have come to the right place. Weighted Evolution offers you premium heavy blankets at fair prices. By getting a Weighted Evolution blanket for adults you will experience all its positive benefits:

Reducing anxiety through deep pressure stimulation, the weighted blanket for adults will increase your serotonin levels while decreasing the cortisol hormone. This results in the alleviation of anxiety so that you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.
Ease sleep disorders. Whether you are suffering for insomnia, restless leg syndrome or other sleep disorders, a weighted blanket could be the answer you are looking for. By helping your brain increase the melatonin levels, our weighted blanket will help you fall asleep easier and prevent you from waking up during the night. Through its gentle deep pressure stimulation, it also alleviates the symptoms for people suffering from restless leg syndrome.
Weighted blankets are also proven to help with managing the symptoms of several medical conditions. They improve focus for people suffering from ADHD, ease pain, calm symptoms of PTSD, help manage OCD and autism.
In truth, a weighted blanket is ideal for living a healthier life even if you don’t suffer from insomnia or anxiety, it is still a good idea to get one. Weighted blankets for adults promote calm and help us during stressful times. You will sleep better and you will feel better when waking up.

If you want to read more about the benefits of weighted blankets or find out what the underlying science is, read our other articles as well. Change your life for the better and order the best heavy weighted blanket from Weighted Evolution.

In addition to our smart filling & diamond stitching technology, as well as 100% natural organic bamboo duvet, 5% of our proceeds go to NGOs. You can help others that struggle in our society and offer yourself a healthy and high-quality sleep solution by ordering the best-weighted blankets for adults in North Dakota from Weighted Evolution.

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