Give the Perfect Gift: Better Sleep and Reduced Anxiety

Nov 22, 20
Give the Perfect Gift: Better Sleep and Reduced Anxiety

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can seem like an impossible task. What do you give to someone who has everything? What about your minimalist friends? Should you resort to gifting another pair of slipper socks? How about a bottle of wine (again)? Maybe a festive sweater? Or perhaps the always-in-fashion bunny pajamas?

Don’t do it.

Give the gift that keeps on giving, the gift that benefits your loved ones’ mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Give the gift of better sleep and reduced anxiety.

Uh, okay. Sure. Is there a genie in a magic lamp somewhere around here? That sounds great, but it also sounds impossible.

Actually, it’s not. It’s very possible. And it’s not expensive either. (Bonus!)

Stress and Anxiety Are Enemies of Better Sleep

Chances are, you know someone who can’t stop their mind from racing. Perhaps someone who complains of spending their nights tossing and turning over daily stressors, daydreaming about how to sleep better.

Maybe that’s you.

Now more than ever, in a world gripped by health concerns and a fear of the unknown, you and your loved ones might find yourself not sleeping very well.

You’re not alone. According to the Sleep Disorders Center of UCLA, 20-30% more patients have been diagnosed with insomnia this year. And from February to March 2020, requests for sleep medications rose by 15% in the United States.


Woman laying on her stomach on a bed with her hair covering her face. She looks tired.


"20-30% more patients have been diagnosed with insomnia this year."

-UCLA Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep medications’ goal is to provide you with and stabilize the correct amounts of cortisol, serotonin, and melatonin. When these three chemicals found naturally in your body come into perfect harmony, you get a better night’s sleep. But medications aren’t always the answer. The perfect gift for yourself or your sleepy loved ones isn’t a pill. It’s an all-natural solution to wrangling the elusive unicorn of better sleep.

So what’s the perfect gift that’ll deliver better sleep and reduced anxiety?

It’s the warm and cozy hug from a high-quality weighted blanket for improved sleep.

Not Just Any Weighted Blanket Can Provide Better Sleep

Not all weighted blankets are created equal. Unfortunately, many on the market today are manufactured in bulk in overseas factories, without paying much attention to quality control. (Take it from us, we’ve seen it first-hand.)

Often, bulk manufacturers overload their weighted blankets with weighted beads or skimp on quality materials and stitching, causing the beads inside to shift. Not to mention, typical, run-of-the-mill weighted blankets can make you pretty darn hot as you sleep.

But not ours.

Woman sitting on a couch wrapped up on a comfortable weighted blanket.

When you sleep under the calming comfort of our Weighted Evolution blankets, you’ll bring those wonderful hormones of yours into balance naturally, giving you a better night’s sleep. How? Well, that’s because our weighted blankets offer the perfect amount of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) when used at 8-12% of your body weight.

Okay, now you’re getting scientific. What the heck is Deep Pressure Stimulation?

DPS has been proven to relax the nervous system and happens when you gently squeeze your body. Think of a light massage or a full-body hug. Just like when your favorite someone gives you a long-awaited embrace, a high-quality weighted blanket can increase happiness, leading to better sleep.

How DPS Leads to Better Sleep

Infographic showing weighed evolution logo leading to a happy face, leading to a sleepy person, leading to a person destressing, leading to a sleeping person icon. This means weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin and decrease cortisol, leading to better sleep.

But How Does this “Perfect Gift” Reduce Anxiety?

We’re glad you asked. Because who couldn’t use reduced anxiety right about now? (Or ever?)

Well, here comes DPS again. Deep Pressure Stimulation has also been proven to reduce autonomic arousal. Think, the flight-or-flight response. Basically, what do you feel when you get anxious? Your heart rate increases, your stomach gets upset, and you start breathing harder.

Sound like anxiety to you? It sure does.

DPS works its magic through quality weighted blankets by bringing your autonomic nervous system into a more restful mode. Not only can weighted blankets help with anxiety attacks, but they can also help calm anxiety in general. The overall sense of calm delivered by weighted blankets will help provide you and your loved ones a better night’s sleep.

Alright, But Are There Other Benefits to Weighted Blankets?

We’ve solidified weighted blankets are the perfect gift for better sleep and reduced anxiety. But they're also the gifts that keep on giving with their numerous additional benefits.

Weighted blankets:

  • Deliver relief from OCD: Because OCD is linked to low levels of serotonin, the DPS, a weighted blanket provides helps boost serotonin and lower OCD symptoms.
  • Reduce restless leg syndrome (RLS) symptoms: Weighted blankets can help relieve the creeping and crawling sensations people with RLS experience, which often disrupt sleep. While compression socks can also help, they can be uncomfortable to sleep in.
Woman and man snuggled undler a weighted blanket.
  • Improve sleep quality: This may sound synonymous with “better sleep”, but we didn’t mention the fact that weighted blankets help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and help you feel more rested in the morning.
  • Increase focus for people with autism: Frequently, people with autism (ASD) feel overwhelmed and stressed by the activities and noises around them. A weighted blanket can help them produce more serotonin, causing them to become more calm and relaxed, reducing over-stimulation.
  • Ease pain: The light pressure delivered by a weighted blanket helps ground your body during sleep, creating a sense of calm. This is especially helpful for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia. The gentle pressure helps to reduce inflammation and flare-ups.
  • Help PTSD symptoms: The big, gentle hug of a weighted blanket applies just the right amount of pressure to your nervous system to help it relax. For people with PTSD, a weighted blanket is an excellent option to help calm the nervous system naturally.
  • Aids the elderly: It may seem strange to think about putting a weighted blanket on an older adult, but it’s actually quite therapeutic. Quite often, elderly individuals inadvertently transition into unhealthy sleep patterns - staying up too late and taking too many naps during the day. Using the correctly sized  weighted blanket could help them get back into a healthy sleep routine.

The Mystery of the Perfect Gift is Solved

Sure, you can surprise your Aunt Millie with yet another snow globe or bless your mom or grandma with a “Best MeeMaw Ever” sweatshirt, but why not give the gift of better sleep and reduced anxiety? Green sweatshirt that says, "Best Meemaw Ever" on itAnd why our weighted blankets? Well, let’s just say we’ve seen first-hand what goes into making weighted blankets you’d buy from that everyone-knows-what-it-is online store.

And it’s not pretty.

We set out to make the perfect weighted blanket: one that delivers all the health benefits of a weighted blanket with guaranteed quality that won't make you hot while you sleep. And we’ve done it with our Weighted Evolution blankets.  

(Wanna know how? Read more about it here.)

Be the star of whatever holiday or event you’re celebrating and buy your loved ones the perfect gift for any occasion.

And why not get one for yourself? You deserve a better night's rest too.

Have a nice sleep (finally)!

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