Can a Weighted Blanket Be Washed

Dec 10, 19
Can a Weighted Blanket Be Washed

woman washes weighted blanket to show washing instructions

Here at Weighted Evolution, one of the most common questions we get pertains to the proper care for our weighted blankets. Understandably, people want to know if they can wash their weighted blanket and also what the proper washing instructions are. Weighted Evolution blankets are 100% safe to be washed but you must follow the care instructions closely to maintain the integrity of the blanket. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

Is Your Weighted Blanket Machine Washer Safe?

Short answer, Yes and No. Our blankets and covers have been designed and tested to be machine washable on a gentle cycle, however, we have found that most washing machines are unpredictable and could cause damage to the inner blanket construction. This is possible on all weighted blankets for sale today and why we recommend, if washing the inner blanket that you HAND WASH only and hang dry. Thankfully, all of our blankets come with a protective organic bamboo cover that is easily removable and can be machine washed. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your new blanket, however, accidents do happen. Whether you’re on the couch with a cup of coffee or snacking in bed, it’s easy to end up with a blanket that needs to be washed

When its time to freshen up your blanket, it’s important to follow these steps below to ensure it keeps its shape and function after washing and drying

Washing Your Weighted Blanket

When washing your Weighted Evolution blanket, we recommend always removing the cover first and foremost. Usually you will only need to wash the cover but when more serious situations require the inner blanket to be washed, we recommend the below protocol


  • 100% Microfiber inner Weighted Blanket - All of our weighted blankets are made of a high quality, high performance breathable and stain resistant microfiber fabric. This fabric cleans up very easily and doesn’t require a washing machine. If you must wash the inner blanket we recommend to hand wash only and hang dry. We recommend always washing with cold water, mild detergent and non chlorine bleach if needed. Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Premium Original Bamboo covers - Most situations only call for the washing of the included bamboo cover which is easily removable. Locate the hidden zipper on one of the long sides and fully unzip the blanket. Then reach in to the back corners and pull the inner blanket inside out so you can easily access the ties. Once the cover is removed, you may machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water, mild detergent with no bleach. Tumble dry on low and low iron if needed.
  • Premium Sensory Dot Minky fleece + Bamboo covers - If your weighted blanket is made with our super soft minky fabric + bamboo, wash on cold with detergent but skip the fabric softener


Worried about Allergies?

Some people are sensitive to fabrics and dyes. Here at Weighted Evolution we use only Okeo-Tex certified, hypoallergenic materials throughout our blankets so you can be assured your allergies will not be caused by our blankets.

Can You Iron Your Weighted Blanket?

If your weighted blanket arrives with a few wrinkles, you can easily get these out by tossing your cover in the dryer on a low setting. Once the wrinkles are out, you can reassemble and start enjoying your new Weighted Evolution blanket right away.  

In addition, you can Iron your Weighted Evolution blanket on a low heat setting, since we use high quality fabrics and micro glass beads it is completely safe to iron while using a low setting. However, because all our blankets come with a duvet cover included, it’s perfectly okay to iron only the duvet cover on a low heat setting seeing that the inner blanket will not be visible once you put the duvet cover back on your weighted blanket.  

Ready to experience the Weighted Evolution difference? Want to give the gift of great sleep? Or enjoy a truly restful and restorative night sleep? Choose from our many options today. We use a variety of high quality fabric, colors, sizes and weights.  

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