How Weighted Blankets Can Help
With Certain Conditions
  by Weighted Evolution™


We all have external stressors; some more than others. Whether its work stress, personal stress or parenting stress it is important we understand when our bodies are experiencing this state. Stress has a negative impact on our overall well being. Weighted blankets for anxiety and stress can help to minimize stress in our bodies, allowing you to relax and fall into a state of deep sleep.


Sleep is essential for a balanced life. If you wake easily, suffer from insomnia or restlessness weighted blankets have been known to help you wake less and fall asleep quicker. Weighted blankets work for both adults and kids alike and through the power of deep pressure stimulation will make you feel like you're being swaddled to sleep. Good days start with great SLEEP!  


Depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide. Its easy to fall into depression these days with all the noise around us and the pressure to perform at our duties whether we are a Mother raising children or a Father working hard to provide security for his family, it's necessary to address the underlying drivers of depression and weighted blankets, although helpful in generating more serotonin (pleasure hormone), are not a complete solution for depression. That said, weighted blankets have been used to help people that struggle from depressive symptoms. The warm embrace creates a feeling of security and comfort allowing the body to rest and relax. Lack of adequate sleep can also contribute to depression so it's time to start sleeping better. Try one out and tell us what you think?


Weighted blankets have been used to help individuals with Autism and Sensory processing disorders for many years. Although, there is no cure for ASD, there are natural ways to help minimize and manage the symptoms associated with ASD and SPD.

Children and Adults who use weighted blankets have reported an increased sense of calm as the gentle pressure helps stimulate the sensory receptors and calm down the central nervous system using deep pressure stimulation.

Many weighted blankets come with a removable cover such as the plush mink dot fabric for tactile stimulation. When considering what might be the best weighted blanket for your loved one, be sure to consider a blanket with sensory features.

Occupational Therapists have recommended the use of weighted blankets for decades. However, It's important to follow safety guidelines, as we do not recommend children under the age of 1 use an anxiety blanket and we encourage you to monitor your child as they experience the blanket to ensure they feel comfortable and cozy.



An astonishing 1 out of every 10 adult Americans suffer from restless leg syndrome, also known as (ALS). The other name for this sleep movement disorder is Willis-Ekbom Disease. It is often described as extreme and incredibly unpleasant urge to move the legs while at rest. Many people who suffer from ALS use compression socks to help control the symptoms, however, weighted blankets for RLS have been shown to help as the deep pressure over the legs assists to alleviate the sudden urge to move as well. If you haven't tried our organic bamboo weighted blanket for RLS, give it shot! It just feels right.


Weighted blankets facilitate relaxation and comfort, said to feel like a warm embrace. Through the use of science-backed deep pressure stimulation, the even weight that gently contours the body to engage your parasympathetic nervous system telling your body its time to rest and relax. This comforting and calming sensation is effective for people that struggle with stress, anxiety, sleep disorder, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder and many more diagnosis. Start your day right by sleeping the best, most natural way possible.. With a loving embrace!