Hot While Sleeping? The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket Could Help You Sleep Better

Feb 25, 21
Hot While Sleeping? The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket Could Help You Sleep Better

Nobody likes waking up surrounded by damp sheets and beads of sweat running down their face. (Unless you enjoy being extremely hot while sleeping, which seems pretty odd.) When this happens, you probably pop a leg or other appendage out, which then gets cold thanks to the glean of sweat covering your body. Then when you tuck it back in, you end up throwing off all your bedding and stomping to the thermostat.

If you’re sleeping in the bed with someone feeling the same as you, or if you’re sleeping alone, this could help. But not all of us tend to be on the hotter side while sleeping. So turning the thermostat down past the suggested 65℉ might freeze everyone else in your home out.

Being hot while sleeping is very disruptive to your sleep. When you wake up covered in sweat, you’re likely to have trouble falling back to sleep. When that happens, your circadian rhythm train gets derailed, and you end up feeling lousy the next day.

So Which Weighted Blanket is the Most Cooling?

Well, that would be our Weighted Evolution Original Bamboo Weighted Blanket. And we’re not just saying that because we think it’s the best. We’re saying that because Tuck Sleep awarded us this very thing in 2020. We even have this nifty badge to prove it.

Tuck Sleep Award for Best Cooling Weighted Blanket


We set out to design a cooling weighted blanket because, let’s face it; weighted blankets can make you hot while sleeping. But not this one. Unlike other weighted blankets, our original Bamboo Blanket is made of breathable materials inside and out.

  • Inner blanket: The inner portion of our Original bamboo blanket is made of microfiber, which is lightweight, sturdy for holding the weight within, and breathable.
  • Duvet cover: The 100% organic and hypoallergenic bamboo and ethically sourced spandex duvet cover is lightweight, baby-soft, and - surprise! - breathable.
  • Sensory Sand: Some weighted blankets contain pellets or beads. Our proprietary Sensory Sand is unlike anything else. This blanket can effectively conform to your body without being lumpy and uncomfortable. And because of its sand-like texture, the blanket allows for optimal airflow.

Not to mention, we’ve double-stitched the diamond-shaped pockets to ensure the Sensory Sand doesn’t migrate where it doesn’t belong.

A cross-hatch of Weighted Evolution's Original Bamboo blanket, showing the 7 layers of construction.

The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket Does More Than Keep You Cooler While You Sleep

But why don’t I just buy a lightweight blanket?

Well, you could, but then you wouldn’t be getting the benefits of a weighted blanket.

And those are?

Glad you asked. Weighted blankets have been around for a while now, initially used for children with autism, anxiety, and sensory issues. Why? Because they provide something other blankets can’t: Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS).

Say what, now?


DPS is a pretty cool thing. (Pun totally intended.) It’s a gentle pressure on your body, resulting in a calming sensation. Think about swaddling a baby, getting a lengthy hug from someone, or comfortably waking up covered by tons of blankets.

Yeah, it’s like that.

(And yes, we realize we’re saying you could get the benefits of DPS from a bunch of blankets, but that’s not very cooling now, is it?)

Fight Insomnia With the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

When DPS works its magic, your body releases more serotonin and melatonin, the hormones your body naturally produces to help prepare you for sleep. This is the calming sensation you feel. It also decreases your body’s cortisol production, which is the hormone that increases when you’re stressed and anxious.

And what’s it called when you’re stressed and anxious and can’t sleep?


*Boo, hiss.*

Insomnia stinks. Nobody likes lying awake at night, staring at the ceiling. Your mind is racing, and you try your best to will yourself into slumber. But often, your attempts are futile.

But with a weighted blanket, the DPS delivered helps calm your anxiety naturally, thanks to the wonderful hormones your body produces. You don’t have to turn to prescription sleep aids or a big glass of whisky to help you fall asleep. (Neither are really great for you.)

Weighted blankets help you fall asleep faster thanks to DPS, but they also help you stay asleep longer. This is crucial to beating insomnia because sometimes, you might feel like you’re sleeping well, but you still wake up exhausted. That means you’re waking up more often during the night, often without realizing it.

So whether you have sleep-onset insomnia, which is trouble falling asleep, or sleep maintenance insomnia, which is trouble staying asleep, weighted blankets have got you covered. (Again, pun intended.)

Our Cool Conclusion on Whether Or Not to Buy the Best Cooling Weighted Blanket

You’re smart. You know what we’re going to say.

Of course you should buy the Original Bamboo blanket by Weighted Evolution.

And of course we’re going to say that. We make the thing.

But we’re only telling you that because we detest waking up in a pool of sweat, and we hate not sleeping well. There’s also the fact that we put a lot of research into creating the best cooling weighted blanket on the market. Between trips to the manufacturing plants overseas and the brainstorming of ways on how to make a high-quality product that helps you sleep better while not overheating you is a passion of ours.

We love how we sleep, and we want you to feel the same way.

With the best cooling weighted blanket on you, and you know which one that is now, you’ll receive all the calming, soothing, sleep-inducing benefits of DPS without breaking out in a sweat. (Or breaking the bank.)

*Insert shameless plug: We also offer a 100-night risk-free trial and no-hassle return policy. So what’ve you got to lose?

Trick question because the answer is: nothing!

Stop sleeping in damp PJs and start getting the best rest you’ve ever had with an Original Bamboo weighted blanket from Weighted Evolution.

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